June 9

today was sunny all day. That is a little unusual. Mostly ,it has been rainy in the morning and clearing up around 2 or 3. Having sun all day just makes you have a need to be outdoors . I often leave the screen door opened when I am working outside. Dixie isn't an outdoor dog. After a little time outside, she goes in and sets herself right at the doorway. Today, a bird flew in. This happened once before and with a towel and both the bird and me fluttering around, I could catch it and shake it outside. This bird , today, was in a frenzy. It flew into walls, windows, fell behind  the couch, knocked itself out, twice, and repeated this all again.  I didn't want a dead bird on my conscious, so I gave it time to recover and tried again to direct it out. Finally, after at least an hour, it flew out of the opened door. Dixie will just have to be an outside dog or else just stay in the house while I am working outside. I was covering my potato plants to get another layer of potatoes. This is so cool. You just keep adding more growing material, I am using broken down leaves, covering the plant up to its top, just leaving some green leaves visible. More potatoes will grow ,you do this a couple of times in the growing season, and you get a bunch of potatoes.I picked a lot  of arugula. I never heard of arugula when I was a kid, or even when I had a family.   I grew up on iceberg lettuce and that was fine with me.My grandson said that arugula was called rocket lettuce. Still never heard of it. I have to give my mother credit. We had a green salad every single night with a vinaigrette dressing, homemade. I think she was ahead of her time with that.

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01.12 | 09:15

Safe travels. See you soon. sally

04.07 | 08:10

I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

22.05 | 08:38

so glad youre here mom!

29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

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