March 9

Good news all around. The doc was able to get all of the melanoma out and I will just need office surgery to clean up the margins. More cutting, more stitching,more healing, but what the heck. The news is good.And the good news from the CDC about everyone in your pod that has been  vaccinated can let you all gather without a mask and even getting to go indoors ,if you want. I am thinking that by the time the 30 year olds here get their vaccinations, it should be June. That will be so nice. Maybe someone will even hug me and I can hug back. I didn’t see that mentioned in the report, though. I had better read the small print about the hugging part. When I got the good news about my biopsy, I wanted to do  something festive. I bought some Peeps. The yellow ones. I know that I could just eat a tablespoon of sugar and it would be the same, but Peeps are the stuff that memories are made of. When I was a kid,it seemed that Passover always came exactly at Easter and I would have to save my chocolate bunny and my Peeps for after Passover was over. Yes, Virginia, I dyed Easter eggs and had a basket. ( Remember my super Orthodox Grandmother had already passed away). Stale Peeps  just aren’t that great, and we would put the chocolate in the fridge to keep it from melting. That wasn’t the best for the bunny either.  I am so glad that Peeps are still being made. Eating just one was festive enough for me.

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01.12 | 09:15

Safe travels. See you soon. sally

04.07 | 08:10

I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

22.05 | 08:38

so glad youre here mom!

29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

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