July 27

I went to a church yard sale today and I got an education. The church is The Orthodox Church. Not the Greek Orthodox, or the Russian Orthodox Church, but The Orthodox Church. They have about 70 members here and a Priest.They tithe and  have enough in donations and contributions to pay their Priest almost $60,000. a year. But that is not what I learned. The choir master, a woman, took us into the church and explained how the church works. They stand through out their 2 hour service. They chant the melodies. The choir master went to her music sheets and chanted a prayer for us. The sound vibrated through us. When the congregation joins in, it must be awesome. They have a  vesper service on Saturday evening and  the two hour service on Sunday. The church itself is just a house but the interior is definitely a church. The ceiling has architectural detail in the design of the wood beams. Two light blue, almost egg shapes are diagonally in the ceiling design. We were told that a muralist will be there next month to paint a design in the blue spaces. There are some chairs arranged around the perimeter for people who can not stand through out the service. When  you walk into the church, you forget that it is just a house on the outside. We learned that most of the members had been Catholics and were converts. Their belief is that The Orthodox Church precedes Catholicism. Their Priest can be married when they enter the Priesthood, but if they enter unmarried, then they can not marry. It was so generous of our guide to spend the time to walk us through the history of the church and answer our questions. Then I bought a bunch of stuff at the yard sale. 









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04.07 | 08:10

I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

22.05 | 08:38

so glad youre here mom!

29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

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