Just a word from the unwise, do not cut open your suitcase when you think that you left the key to it's lock in PT and you are in Venice. Look one more time, some place that you had no idea that that was the place that you put the key, so you wouldn't forget. Like in the back of the case of your iPad, along with your Mah Jongg card. Now what to do with a destructed suitcase? It's more overwhelming to return this trip. So much traffic from Tampa. So many new developments that weren't there a year ago. So much construction. I often feel like a Rip van Winkle,waking up to events that are completely out of how things were a short time ago. My driver that met me at the airport stopped for gas at a Costco that was in a developed area that had cows in it when I left to go back to PT.Now it is a huge Costco and the ground churned up for acres for new construction. Build a Costco and they will come. I am also overwhelmed by the welcome I am getting being back in Venice. Family is where the heart is, here and in PT.

I am getting excited about my trip to Venice. I repacked ,found Dixie's sedatives, bought a few snacks for both of us and now I am in waiting mode. Our time to leave PT keeps getting earlier and earlier. Seatac, the airport that I leave from , cancelled 90 flights yesterday because of weather conditions. Today was fine, so fingers crossed. Security ,literally, was out the door, according to a news report.  . I don't know why Seattle has such an outstanding problem with their security. The last time that I flew with Dixie,people in the security line had enough time to run get a Starbuck coffee, get back in line and finish the coffee before they got to the front of the line. By the time I got to the front, my right shoulder was deadened from holding her in her sling pouch. This time, I know to to preorder a wheel chair. For me, not Dixie. I worked out the timing of when I give her her meds, starting at 9 AM on travel day. Her next dose will be at the airport at 9 PM. I hope I don't kill her.Dec. 1

Things that go bang in the dark are around my pod, right now. Gale winds,high seas,things smacking my pod,hard rain.Good timing to be going back to Florida. I pulled down all of the window coverings to keep the heat in . It really works. I am super comfortable. I don't like hearing things hit my trailer, but whatever it is ,it isn't as large as it sounds. Hearing rain on a tin roof sounds romantic, but it can get very loud and annoying. The weather will pass and it will be interesting to see what it looks like in daylight. I lost power for 2 seconds .I can tell when the  furnace fan stops and the time on the microwave flashes 8888. I literally had to drag Dixie out this afternoon. My trick is to carry her a block or so and then she runs back to the pad. That didn't work today. She just didn't move. Maybe because she had on 2 sweaters ,plus her harness. Poor baby. A friend from Venice lent me a super warm Antarctica type coat to wear for our outdoor wedding. I don't wear it usually because it is so special, but I wore it today . And I didn't feel a thing. Maybe that is what Dixie needs.

It is nasty cold here. It isn't supposed to get this cold in PT. I am see ing people draping their plants with sheets. I've been here for three winters and I have not seen this happen. My son turned on the electric thing-y that keeps my pipes from freezing. I don't think that it has ever been on before. Dixie will wear two sweaters on her walk and I am going to look for my scarf. I am taking my son to lunch today as a thank you for getting my propane tank filled. That's a ritual that we have. So far, in the years that I have been here, we have eaten indoors only once that I can remember. Being outside, even sitting in a car is so special because where ever you look, there is a view., but today , we are eating inside today. Maybe this is the right time for me to het back to Venice. Baby,it's cold outside.

My fridge can't get any emptier. I scraped together a family meal and I still have left overs. The weather was so beautiful and balmy that if we hadn't already started a fire in the studio, we could have eaten outside. You have to be flexible to live in PT. By afternoon ,it was windy and cold. Now it is raining. My GiL has added her brother to our family mix. Now we have to think of a series of letters for the bro. Maybe BGiL, brother of granddaughter in law. Catchy.He just moved here ,so now, when he can, we will be 9 around the table. Not to overlook my DiL, her brother has been a part of our family here for a long time. He has to have an identity. BDiL. Who knew that so many of us would migrate to this part of the country. When I make an appointment or give my last name , I have to add my first name so they know which Uchitelle it is. If there were still phone books ,we could have multiple listings. When Bob traveled on business, he use to check the phone book to see if there were any Uchitelle's. Now, he would have to check "23 and Me "or "Ancestry.com."

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01.12 | 09:15

Safe travels. See you soon. sally

04.07 | 08:10

I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.