I did a little yard work today. The last time I did yard work, I was moving rocks around . Now I have a lot of dead leaves to move around. My yard, I just figured out is about 16 sq. ft.Some math teacher from years ago , must be so happy that I can use math in my every day life. I use math a lot. I have this thing about counting how many steps I am taking while I am walking. I do this more as I get more tired at the end of my walk. I use math a lot in cooking. I hope that I wasn't the kid that whined that when would I ever need algebra when I leave school. I even have to use it for Noodle's medication , which is a liquid with a syringe for accurate dosage.  I tested out of math in college. I did have to take a statistic course. I think I choose the easiest one, Statistics for lovers, or something like that. I also talked myself out of PE, which was a requirement for graduation back then. I figured that taking care of a husband, four kids and getting a degree was physical enough. They must have agreed.

Some times I just wonder about me. Why do I start my day so early. By 9:30, I had fast  walked twice around my development, walked Noodle and mopped the floor. Is this all necessary, so early. I already had my 2 cups of coffee, so that was done ,too. I haven't missed a day of walking this week. I want to get back to my old habit of fast ( for me) walking every day. I haven't lost my muscle memory and that surprised me. I am being cautious and not just randomly adding miles to my exercise program. I am trying not to set any specific goals just yet. so far, I have walked for an hour. I don't think that I will walk longer, just faster. I have a nephew who teased me about running so slowly. It's true, I walk as fast as I can run. So what. I just don't have fast DNA. I have slow, steady and get to the finish line DNA. Works for me.

I had  a Canadian neighbor, a snow bird. She had a terror of a little terrier. That dog did not like anyone, with a few exceptions. He liked me. Not Bob. He was such a problem, that when she went to play golf, she had to take him to a kennel. He was destructive. Ate things like the door jam if she left him alone. Anyway, that was her dog. Our dogs never met. We had a code. Light on in car port meant we were out with the dog so wait to take yours out.  We were great neighbors. Twice a season we had dinner together. If we needed to borrow something , we could. But other than that, we didn't socialize. If Bob had an emergency, she was here for me. We were perfect for each other, as neighbors. She was a slim, active woman. She had probably been around the world in her travels. I knew she had been married and divorced , had grown children and a few grandchildren. They did not visit her here and she didnt talk about them. She smoked. I got an email from her saying that she would be back the 15 th of October. . On the 26 thof September, Her son emailed that she died. She got sick, got pneumonia and died. period. How does that happen. That is so unfair.

This is absolutely crazy. I was standing at my counter, ready to take an anti inflammatory medication that I am taking for a month for bursitis. Noodle , who has just been diagnosed with  pancreatitis,  is taking an anti inflammatory. The bottles are right next to each other, which I realize is not good. An old nurse habit is to check three times before you dispense a pill. I looked at my bottle, then I looked at Noodles. We are both on the same drug. Mine was  almost free, his was $32.00 from the Vet's dispensary. Noodle does have an account at CVS here and at Safeway in Port Townsend. I should have had the Vet just write him a script, and taken it to the drug store. It is a little embarrassing when the pharmacist calls," pick up for Noodle Uchitelle", and  I feel the need to explain that Noodle  is a dog. I am not sure how I feel about both of us being on the same meds. It is true that I have given Noodle human attributes, but this medicine thing is a little scary. I hope that he remembers that he is the dog in our relationship.

I have enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety because of my summer adventures. It's been great and I know that as soon as everyone else gets involved with life here in Venice, I won't be all that interesting anymore. That's fine. But I just have to tell of a brief conversation that I had today at my Sisterhood meeting. A friend said that they went to the White Mountains, The other person said that she was at the Catskills. I said that I was at Denali. The conversation stopped. I sorta  did know that Denali had this power. I promise not to use this again as a conversation stopper. that really isn't me. Well, maybe a little.

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I thought you were going to fly back to Fl.Did you change your mind?You will have to come visit us at our new place that Debbie bought.Anxious to hear how your.

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Shabbat Shalom Leona ! Have a great blessed and peaceful day. Bless you, Ginnie and Dan

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I don't know how do that stuff!!!

21.07 | 14:44

Leona, we met the new Rabbi. He is very nice. He was asking us what classes we would like him to teach. When do you come home ?