Day four.. R&R in Boulder. Our hotel could be majestic and someday it will be. It was recently bought by a consortium from Asia , who have properties in Singapore and other high end locations. When this one gets remodeled to look like the others they own, we won't  be able to afford to stay here. The bones are great. Foot hills of the Rockies, grassy spots to sit and have a drink, pool, tennis, work out,restaurant. I wish that I could buy in because I can see where it is going. I can't  get enough of this mountain air . I think Boulder is about 8000 feet above sea level. The air is full of pine scents. Noodle wants to be out in it . We have a slider that opens to a grassy outdoor area. Noodle sits next to it, probably day dreaming about being so lucky as to be on this trip with us.Today we went to the Pearl Street Mall. It is a place to browse local artisan wares, books, kites, toys and eats and people watch. I have always enjoyed coming here. We spent a half hour rearranging the car for the big rest of the trip . We add another Grandson and a daughter and had to make room for them. We needed to do a little house keeping in the car. The ice pacs have long since melted and those empty water bottles have accumulated in the back seat. I need to set a good example for the grands and my daughter.I think that Noodle will be glad to hit the road again. All of this fresh mountain air is throwing his sleeping schedule out of kilter. I can hear him snoring right now.

mountain time...Day three.. in Boulder, CO. 1900 plus miles completed. What do you think of when you say" Kansas"? Probably  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. What is here, is a beautiful state with rolling hills,small towns ,acres of fields,no traffic and a police car every few miles. The speed limit is 75 , so if you work on the same theory as I do, that means at least 80 and maybe a tad more(  if Waze don't see a cop car). In Topeka, where we spent the night, we saw the school board building  where Wade VS the Board of Education occurred. I don't know the whole background about why it took place here, but I plan to look it up. The country side has fields that go further than you can see. The land is fertile and you can see how we can feed ourselves and others with the possible abundance that we have. My Grandson who is helping me drive, works with third world countries on producing seeds  for planting that has more nutritional value and he is mightily impressed with what he sees. I suspect that we take this wealth of land,and the security that we have for granted and perhaps we shouldn't. We saw fields of giant windmills. Hugh. We think that they were maybe Three or four stories tall. They overwhelmed the landscape. They have  three paddles and the way that they are designed made them look like a ballet in motion. It is amazing how a mechanical object can be so graceful. Our  plan is for me to drive the morning shift, while my Grandson does the afternoon and the manipulating around the rush hour and bigger cities, like Boulder, where we are tonight. Motel rooms have jumped in price, which I figured would happen. But we have a garden room on the first floor, and a view of the foot hills of the Rockies and Noodle has a yard. It isn't screened so I can't let him free, but he seems to like our arrangement. We were met by another Grandson , who lives here in Boulder and his long time girl friend. It is so good to see them. Right now they are picking up food and wine for us to share in our motel room. We laugh a lot when we get together, so I hope there isn't anyone in the next room to complain. We can get pretty rowdy .You betcha.

Day Two. We did 690 miles the first day. Interstate driving is easy. I discovered HOV. that is the lane that allows cars with two plus occupants, motorcycles and electric cars to have a whole lane just for them. Nice. I could really let my heavy foot hit the pedal.My Grandson did the driving around busy cities, like Atlanta and St. Louis. Actually, the traffic was pretty smooth. We crossed three rivers: Missouri, Tennessee,Ohio.The Missouri has over run its banks and the water was as high as some full grown trees.  We could see this as we were on a bridge crossing the river. I had heard that the river was flooding, but seeing this was very sobering.  Another interesting note for us ,is that farmers were not planting in Tennessee and Missouri. It very well could have been because of trade with China was on hold and these farmers are big on soy beans. Kentucky had a most beautiful rest stop , called Whitehaven. It was also a historic site. The house that had the bathrooms and travel information in was an historic home. The woman's bathroom had fresh flowers, roses and peonies. My Grandson said that the Men's bathroom had daisy's. Kentucky and Tennessee were the most beautiful states , especially in the morning. Everything was green and lush. I looked for race horses in Kentucky, but they may have been still asleep after the Derby. Our first major delay was in Kansas. tHere was a major accident  and we didn't have time to detour. Since we weren't going any place , we were just in the right spot to see the tow truck flip the car over from its roof to four  wheels. I watch a TV show called " Road to Hell", and I have seen them do that on the show. Cool. We didn't  see any emergency vehicles , so we can only assume that the victims were not seriously hurt and no one was carried out. Noodle is a trooper. I gave him a fourth of a sedative this AM and that worked just fine. He is having a great time, new stuff to sniff and long naps. Tonight we are in Topeka, Kansas, eating Thai food in a motel room, watching the basket ball game. Can't be more Better than this.

Noodle is now an official traveler. We are between Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. We drove 690 miles of Interstate. Mostly I -75 and now I -24west.We listened to public radio the whole way, sometimes we heard the same program more than once. We drove through a terrible rain storm with significant lightening. We stopped only once foe gas and once at a rest stop to check that Noodle was still alive. I gave him 1/2 of his sedative and he was knocked out cold for the entire drive. But, when I did take him for a walk, he was actually bouncing. He looks great. I am so relieved. You would think that I expecting the worse. And here is a bonus. We had to put our jackets on when we got to our Motel. Now I need to find my socks because me feet are cold. toto, we are not in Florida any more.


I have concluded that no matter how organized, how efficient you think that you are, how many months you had to plan,THE DAY comes .. and you think of all of the things that you haven't done. And ,all of a sudden, you want to throw everything into your suitcase because you think that you forgot to pack something vital. How did  I ever go any where with a husband, one or more dogs and 4 kids and get to our final destination, with no memory of turmoil. I know for a fact, that I didn't pack for our kids. At least I don't  remember packing for them. I packed for Bob. 7 white under wear, 7 white undershirts, 7 pairs of socks, brown or black. One shirt for every day of the trip. It was a no brainer. It seems much more complicated today. I have to remember chargers,special remote for attaching to the TV so I can get Netflix, the charger for the camera,the phone, the iPad, the maps, the snacks, the clothes for 7 days on the road,clothes for Port Townsend, clothes for Alaska,clothes in case I want to spend several days in Seattle. Noodle has his special needs' too. His  prescription eye drops,his doggie treats,his blanket, his crate,his bed, his special dehydrated food so he doesn't get an upset stomach on the road, his sedative. But all things considered, my Grandson is here, the car is pretty much packed. the eggs have been deviled,peanut butter is waiting  to be opened an we are ready. Honk if you pass us on the road. We are the van going West.

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Good Morning Leona!
Your descriptions of our beautiful country are so vivid that we're all
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Isn’t Pearl Street Mall fun So full of different shops. Went to the synagogue last night.

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Good Morning Yew Tew❗️💁
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VERY FUNNY !! Have a great trip !! May it be peaceful and very interesting and fun !!