June 28

One of the things about the weekends is that that person who is not our leader,seems to always come up with some real zingers. . I applaud every stupid thing he misspeaks , and then back paddles digging a deeper hole for himself  and his dumb buddies who fall in with him.I am trying to be careful in what I say, but I hate the guy. I tried to do the act of walking in his shoes to try and understand why he is so callused, so afraid,so needy, so psychopathic. And honestly, I can’t come up with any sympathy for the crook.He is so opposite of every thing that is me. I am a moral person. I am truthful. I am compassionate. I understand when a person who is more knowledgeable  than I , in medicine and the environment, tells me what has to be done . I have no ulterior motives. I am not  antisemitic.I am not a racist. I don’t build walls.I don’t go bankrupt.I don’t hurt people with deeds or with name slurring. He is just not a good person. I question why anyone ever voted for him in the first place and in the second place, how a person could consider voting for him again.

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07.06 | 18:48

Have a wonderful time Leona.

17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

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