June 25

Ever hear of a Growler. I am not sure if that is their official name, or just  what the people around PortTownsend call it, but it is a Military plane that   flies low,sounds like thunder , or a long growl and gets in your head. There are a number of military bases around this area, especially  naval . I haven’t seen any yet, but I understand that you can see submarines doing maneuvers in the waters around here. This Growler , that is so obtrusive , practices flying low,dulling their motors and then revving up  again. The same move that they would do if they were coming in for a  landing on a battle ship. You get the visual? Fly low, land on a deck, rev your engine to brake. Only in practice, they fly low, make a roaring noise and gain altitude. And they do this only  at night. When they are practicing,it is hard to concentrate, or carry on a conversation. That motor sound just gets in your head, as they do it over and over again. I heard talk about it last year, but I didn’t notice it as  much.  They don’t start their assents and descent  until about 9:15 pm. you can hear them , like rolling thunder coming and flying off, coming back and flying off. Over and over again.I can’t decide if it is comforting to know that someone is practicing defending our shores . I guess I am comforted  because as soon as they fly back to base, I can sleep peaceably.

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07.06 | 18:48

Have a wonderful time Leona.

17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

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