June 29

Today was yard sale day. It's what people who aren't having the sale in their yard do . We saw some of the same people at several different yards. I bought a painting. The guy said how much do you want to give me for it. That put me in a spot. I was thinking $5 , but I said $2 . He said sold. ! We got the hammock up today. Now I have to clear the path to get to it. The area around my cabin,which is the lot behind my sons house,was originally just a dumping ground for the house. We had a similar thing at our cottage . When we built our cottage we found all kinds of broken glass, bottles and burnt tin cans that the big house owners had thrown there for years. I keep hoping that something of value shows up, but so far, I have only found rocks and broken glass. But I have a great hammock for rocking and reading. Is this what is meant by R&R?

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06.06 | 13:55

🌞👋😊. Hope you get it Leona. I can see you moving there,you would be happy and content with your son 😊. At some point when your both ready.

19.05 | 10:55

Good Morning Leona!
Your descriptions of our beautiful country are so vivid that we're all
sharing your wonderful adventure! Thanks Dude!🤗
Love from 724

18.05 | 07:58

Isn’t Pearl Street Mall fun So full of different shops. Went to the synagogue last night.

13.05 | 07:45

Good Morning Yew Tew❗️💁
Thinkinaboutcha both this morning as you head off on your
exciting adventure❗️🤗❤️❤️ God Bless❗️
Much Love, Kate

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