June 10

I introduced Noodle to my daughter in laws brother, who will be dog sitting when I am away for a day. I don't think that Noodle made much of an impression on the brother. Noodle isn' t much of a party dog and I think that the brother was a little disappointed. But I need someone to be with Noodle when my daughter in law and I go to view a private garden in Seattle. I am very excited about this visit. I am in awe of the gardens that I have seen just around Port Townsend. Many of the gardens are behind mesh  or wire contraptions to keep the deer out. The deer are every where. If you are driving and you come to a slight traffic jam, it isn't traffic , it is a deer walking across the road, very slowly. Also, cars are required to stop for pedestrians. I can't figure out why some people walk so slowly across the street ,like they are testing your patience.It must be a power control thing. I hurry . Who knows if the driver is having a bad day  after stopping so often for deers.

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17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

12.05 | 20:07

Glad you didn’t kill Dixie. She loves music!

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