June 4

I think that I am beginning to look like a Port Townsender. I went to the garden shop this morning and I felt that people couldn't tell that I was from Florida. I was appropriately grungy. Khaki colored linen pants, cargo style with baggy pockets. A black T shirt covered with a red plaid long sleeved shirt. Open heel Kroc's with socks. And a fleece vest.Plus a hat.  I felt so cool. And my tatt was visible because the pants were rolled. I had planned what I was going to buy and I stayed pretty much to the list. Now that I am relaxing , listening to NPR ( a short review of the Race to Alaska was just on. That was the one that Aron opted  out of, partly because I was here) I realized that I forgot Basil. How could I forget Basil. Must be because I was so rapt up in how native I looked. As I pulled into my parking space when I got home from the Garden Shop, there was a d--r in the driveway. I was advised, strongly, that if I wanted to be like the residents, don't get all excited when I see a d--r. Do not say things like " Oh, Look, a d--r. Bambi". i'm not sure that I can keep up this part of being a resident want a be. . I am a sucker for d--rs Those eyes get me every time.

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06.06 | 13:55

🌞👋😊. Hope you get it Leona. I can see you moving there,you would be happy and content with your son 😊. At some point when your both ready.

19.05 | 10:55

Good Morning Leona!
Your descriptions of our beautiful country are so vivid that we're all
sharing your wonderful adventure! Thanks Dude!🤗
Love from 724

18.05 | 07:58

Isn’t Pearl Street Mall fun So full of different shops. Went to the synagogue last night.

13.05 | 07:45

Good Morning Yew Tew❗️💁
Thinkinaboutcha both this morning as you head off on your
exciting adventure❗️🤗❤️❤️ God Bless❗️
Much Love, Kate

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