I made my decision. I am giving up what I call my land line. Yesterday, I started taking my cell phone with me, in my pocket, every where I went. I will become one of those people who walk and talk. I see them all of the time. I am now one of them. The only difference, nobody called me on my cell phone yesterday. That works just fine for me. On my land line, I got a phone call saying that if I don't pay my student loan something terrible will,happen to me. I really wanted to continue that conversation, but I was laughing too hard. I don't think that they had student loans when I went to college. Jokes on them. Then I got a few no name calls. When will people learn that people don't pick up calls where the caller is not identified. When you are calling someone , don't you want them to know that you called. ?  I do need to do one more thing and that is to to tell everyone that I want to hear from, my cell number. My Grandson wrote it on the back of my phone so that I don't forget it. I thought that was very sweet.

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17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

12.05 | 20:07

Glad you didn’t kill Dixie. She loves music!

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