April 17

I have a bit of a cold and I am working to stop it before it develops into anything more serious. It's been so long since I had a cold that I've forgotten what you are supposed to do. I ate an orange. I took some Tylenol. I ate a pint of blueberries and I had a bowl of lentil soup. I know that if I had chicken soup, the cold would have been gone already. I had lentil soup because I am cleaning out my freezer and that was what was in it. I guess lentils just don't have the same medicinal properties as does chicken soup  because I still have the cold.

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18.01 | 19:35

You are creative !

11.01 | 15:39

10.09 | 21:12

I thought you were going to fly back to Fl.Did you change your mind?You will have to come visit us at our new place that Debbie bought.Anxious to hear how your.

07.09 | 11:27

Shabbat Shalom Leona ! Have a great blessed and peaceful day. Bless you, Ginnie and Dan

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