April 3

There are a couple of important careers that ,as far as I know,  have no formal degrees. You can take courses, read books, etc, but being a parent and being a caregiver are two life experiences that don't come with a check list that is one size fits all mentality. Mostly, we all do the best that we can in both situations.The thing about both professions, being a parent and being a care giver,is that some people sometimes feel that they have the obligation to tell you how you should be acting or reacting. Pay them no mind.  Notice that I call parenting a profession. It is a career  that has no end date. unfortunately, being a care giver often comes with an end date. I don't know why some people feel as if they can tell you what you should be doing .I am not talking about people who have degrees in psychology, social work, or the medical field. I am thinking of well meaning friends, relatives and/ or complete strangers. From my reading, I am learning that no one can tell you how to mourn and unless you have been in the parents shoes and maybe even in their house, butt out.

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I thought you were going to fly back to Fl.Did you change your mind?You will have to come visit us at our new place that Debbie bought.Anxious to hear how your.

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Shabbat Shalom Leona ! Have a great blessed and peaceful day. Bless you, Ginnie and Dan

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I don't know how do that stuff!!!

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