April 2

I just finished looking at a list of 50 things that you should throw away. I get a gold star. Most of the list, I have done already. Filled coloring book, throw away.....done , about 60 years ago. Old Toys... done at same time. Appliance manuals, discard, go on line for them. I have had to do that because I can never find the right book when I need it.Clothes not worn for a year, give  back to Good Will .....do this all of the time so that I can go to Good Will and buy more. Cook books, donate....I give and buy them back from the Good Will Book Store. Cosmetics,  check  expiration date and discard....I am fussy about expiration dates on this one, especially anything around my eyes. Medicines out dated., discard....Just found some Benadryl from 1997. Guess I should throw it away.Shoes...throw away if you can't find its mate. I am just asking, how did you lose the mate. This does not bode well. I don't want to know, really. This project of throwing away is right up my ally. I love to throw away. Once I get those bags of things out to Good Will I can start replacing things,quietly bringing much of the same things back into my life. This is my circle of life.

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17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

12.05 | 20:07

Glad you didn’t kill Dixie. She loves music!

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