I just discovered something about Good Will. There are people who are regulars. They actually know the different cashiers, they know, recognize and talk to customers, who are regulars, like themselves. It's a social happening. I thought a lady who saw me trying on a shawl( I didn't buy it) and told me how I looked in , was just being nice. Then I heard her commenting that she didn't like a certain person who was browsing on another aisle. At the check out counter, I heard her again, say something not so nice about that same woman. What these regulars are doing, and they shop differently than I do, is to look for things that they can then sell. I saw a guy, buying a bunch womens sweaters. Another person bought 8 matching drinking glasses with clowns on them. I don't know how she saw them before I did. I wish that I had seen them first. I wouldn't be surprised if somethings are held back for the regular customers to have first chance. I've never gone mid week to Good Will. It's something I do on a week end. Now I will go when they go. IT's way more interesting I did buy a duffle bag to pack my linens in for my trip out to the north west. I guess the regulars didn't really want it.

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You are creative !

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I thought you were going to fly back to Fl.Did you change your mind?You will have to come visit us at our new place that Debbie bought.Anxious to hear how your.

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Shabbat Shalom Leona ! Have a great blessed and peaceful day. Bless you, Ginnie and Dan

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