March 10

I was ready to throw away an old stenographers pad. I like the way the pages turn from the top, so I keep one around for notes. I looked through the pages . It was a pad that I used to keep notes and plans for  Bob's care. It had notes on contacting the VA for burial. Notes on what insurance to stop when he went into Hospice. Names and numbers to call for Financial advisor, Accountant, attorney. I seemed to have been pretty well in control. I had a page for every nurse that came over in the small hours of the night, which were really the small hours of the day to come. When I  called them: 4:33 am. When they called me back. 4:57 am. When to increase morphine.Names of the nurses: Chenna, Cathy,Pamela, Chelsey, Shannan. Each one caring, supportive, professional, on their way here  if we agreed that would make me feel better. 

Then the pages change to menus. Probably what to feed the family who were here for Bob. And me.  Then a few pages of numbers. I must have been adding and subtracting our finances. Then on to mundane stuff. I did find a page where I wrote about the fifth wheel trailer that I bought one day and then left town the next day. I have been thinking that it was a Prowler Elite. It's not. It is a Prowler Regal. I'll have to look it up on Google. That was a trip down memory lane. It was good looking back at what I had to do and what I did. I think I will tear out the used papes. Start fresh, so to speak. No, I will keep them for a little bite longer. Makes me feel good to know what I did. Makes me feel strong.

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10.09 | 21:12

I thought you were going to fly back to Fl.Did you change your mind?You will have to come visit us at our new place that Debbie bought.Anxious to hear how your.

07.09 | 11:27

Shabbat Shalom Leona ! Have a great blessed and peaceful day. Bless you, Ginnie and Dan

31.07 | 16:57

I don't know how do that stuff!!!

21.07 | 14:44

Leona, we met the new Rabbi. He is very nice. He was asking us what classes we would like him to teach. When do you come home ?

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