August 5

Some times you read something and you have two thoughts. One, why didn't I say that and two, they are right. Going on to number two, the statement that I read goes something like this, "Worry should prepare you for a disaster. But nothing prepares you for the real thing.You don't need a dress rehearsal." Now for number one,why didn't I think of that. If I could have the sleepless nights back because I worried, I could have a few more hour credits to do something more fun .I read that stress ages you. I can take care of aging on my own. It happens naturally. I age every year.I don't need stress to remind me that I am aging. I like aging. I don't like the alternative to not aging. Is stress similar to worry. "I'm so stressed out " is more acceptable than "I am so worried". Maybe I can do something about the stress ( doubt it) but I should also be able to do something about the worry part. What to worry about; family,life,pursuit of happiness. What to stress about; family, life,stress,pursuit of happiness. I don't think that you can tell your brain to not worry. It's what it does. You can relieve some of the stress by saying "no " to a lot of things. Just sitting down and taking a breathe, letting someone else do it, go out to dinner instead of worrying what to cook, get a massage, go to lunch with friends, go to the beach ( we live on the Gulf, for Pete's sake) This is not multiple choice. You can choose all from this group. Now I am worried about why I even got on this subject. There is absolutely no stress in my life and I have nothing to worry about. Liar,liar, pants on fire.

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Louise Brown | Reply 05.08.2015 12:53

Wouldn't it be nice to have a "worry switch" just to be able to turn it off --not on

Marci | Reply 05.08.2015 09:36

Worry is praying for what you DON'T want!

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29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

20.07 | 13:55

Everything sounds so wonderful Leona. Venice will seem boring . I would want to move to Portownsend where the kids are living. All sounds great . Is there?

19.07 | 12:33

That lavender sounds very nice!

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