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We had a row boat and a canoe at our cottage.  I am reminded of this because we went out every evening, just as the sun was going down for a row or a paddle around our lake. What reminded me of this is that I am now walking Cricket for her last walk of the day at about what would have been the time for us to go out. The sun was setting and people would be turning the lights on in their cottages. It was the perfect time of day to look into the cottages. Here at Bird bay, the timing is right, but I can't see into any of the houses. Dang it.

 It was an every night ritual , at our cottage, to boat around the lake. Most of the people did it. It looked like a regatta.Float boats going 1 mile an hour, canoes with a couple of kids and a parent, a row boat with a twosome, all of us going in the same directions, slowly around the lake. To the people on their decks, we would wave and they would wave back. No one went around twice.. Must have been an unwritten rule , once around and then back to home port. We'd get to our place and we would yell out, "ramming speed", and row or oar as fast as we could to get as far onto the beach as we could. The one not working, jumped out and pulled the boat onto the sand. The water was as warm as chicken soup, so you were never cold. Then we would turn the canoe over, or pull the row boat a little further out of the water. I remembered all of this, just because I was walking Cricket at the right time and the sun was setting at the right time. Thanks for the memories Cricket. That was nice.

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Robin | Reply 31.03.2015 20.29

what a great memory! you bring me right back there, feeling the sun and smelling the cooling air.

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29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

20.07 | 13:55

Everything sounds so wonderful Leona. Venice will seem boring . I would want to move to Portownsend where the kids are living. All sounds great . Is there?

19.07 | 12:33

That lavender sounds very nice!

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