I know that I usually post first thing in the morning, but I can’t sit and not say what I am feeling right now.

Rioting is not a new phenomenon.It hurts to see it.  People get hurt. People can die. Is there a right side to rioting.? I can understand it. There is that one last injustice, that herd mentality, those weeks of sheltering in place,that “let’s get them back ,” that idea of the them against us. it’s a country with problems and a country without a leader. It was an unconscionable act  that escalated out of control , but was embraced and manipulated to make the murder into a riot. I don’t know about relations with the police in Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, California .Illinois, New York ,Georgia and Washington State and DC.Probably not good. Probably long overdue with people on the force who need more training and training in what is acceptable enforcement. There is no excuse for mistreatment and a double standard for anyone. I see the injustice of how blacks are treated .  It is no wonder a black man has a fear of what could happen to him. It has happened enough times. Why doesn’t that white person who incorrectly involves a black man as the perpetrator of some made up thought, be the one to be charged. let that white  person send the message that if you  do something like this ,you , white person ,go to jail. Be careful of who you choose to dump your prejudices on  or your 15 minutes of glory on.  I don’t want to lump all police in with the type of man who murdered Mr.Floyd. Did he represent a whole police force. His fellow officers stood around.Others stood around.  Does that not say complicity. I understand the rioting. Sometimes, that might be the only way to be heard. Please stop the hurting, looting,destruction. If your voices aren’t heard now, our elected leaders are deaf. I hear you. You have that man in the grandest house in our country waffling on what to do. Shoot you, hose you, tear gas you? Or help get us all to a better  place with health care, jobs, and education. Vote him out in November.

Monday is usually the day that I take stock of Dixie’s past week and her changing comfort level. Last night , I took her with me when I visited a friend. we did the face masks and social distancing, even on the lanai.

Dixie was well trained by some past owner, she was a perfect guest. I am hoping that this translates into her being a good plane traveler. Traveling with a dog can’t be too different than traveling with small kids, and parents seem to be surviving. When our kids were younger, we mostly traveled by train. The City of New Orleans to my family in New Orleans and the the train to New York( can’t remember its name)for Bob’s family. We always had a great time on the train. Once ,I took our then, teen age son to visit his sister , who had taken a job in N.O. It stormed at the exact same time as we were leaving the station in NO. Really stormed. For most of the trip , which took hours longer than planned, we crept along because a lot of the tracks were under water. That was exciting. When child number three was still using a pacifier , she lost the only one I brought with me. Nothing I could do about replacing it. i’ll have to ask her if she was scarred by such a quick weaning from it. I found   in my coat pocket after we got to N.O. I don’t think that I told her that I found it. One advantage of living in Chicago is that it was a train hub. You could go just about anywhere from Central Station.Back to Dixie Cup, I am thinking of putting a doggie diaper on her for her plane trip. i hope I am not insulting her. I’ll tell her that it is for her own good. Hope she buys it.

I just wrote a blistering Blog about how I feel  about that person in the White house. Then I erased it. I babbled about what were you who voted for him thinking. Does he really represent you. Do  you believe that separating kids from a parent is okay. They are still separated ,people. Do you think a wall is a good thing. There  was a wall around the ghetto in Poland. What jobs are the people who are trying to leave their countries taking from you. Your college career, your professional career.? Do you mow your own lawn. Are you working in a nursing home kitchen.Just asking. I wasn’t watching a real murder on the news was I . Why don’t you show it over and over again. Is this a third world country. I can understand protest, but not  destruction. I remember the riots in Chicago. The burning of businesses on the South  west side of town.We lived on an integrated street. was I a little scared. . Yes. Maybe I just zoned out  for these last 3 years. I  need to stop reading the paper and watching CNN. Even HGTV is beginning to bother me.The Food Network has lost it’s appeal. Is it from  being sheltered in place. I thought that I was OK. Maybe i’m  not. I’m not harboring dark thoughts, I’m open about them. This is really a dark time. Blacks, Browns ,Jews, LGBTQ,Muslim,everybody who isn’t in his brown nose circle, be careful. The reason my parents and Grandparents came to this country and what I know to be true about America is being tarnished and it upsets me. I am going  to get even this fall. I will either be the first  in line to vote or the first to fill out my absentee ballot and get it to the post office.Don’t waste your vote. Don’t  make a protest vote.  Vote  to win. Vote for the party. My vote  will be counted.Ugg, I get so damn mad.

I have a lot of screws left over from putting the bed frame together. I’m not too worried. Most of us in the family are not that heavy, so a few screws missing won’t be a problem. Since I plan to be away for several months and the house is opened for  various kids and spouses, I will leave a disclaimer on the bed and the extra screws. Anyone who feels insecure can use these  extra screws. I am leaving a wrench , too. There, that is off of my mind. No liability either.

I now have both a memory foam mattress and the bed frame. The mattress , I may have said, came in a box as tall as I am. Maybe as wide. Getting the mattress out of the box was a struggle. I had to cut the  box off. I wasn’t strong  enough to pull it  out as was suggested in the instructions. Once out of the box, it took several sighs of air and puffed right up. It was like when you use packing cubes when you are packing a suitcase. Today the bed arrived. In a box, a very sturdy box. This box came to my chin. I wrestled it down my hallway and into the guest bedroom. I was already glowing. I don’t sweat. I glow. The box was packed to perfection.Every single  item was packed with precision.I have always been fascinated with the design of boxes. In the box, I had 7 larger pieces that comprised the head, foot and 3 support  pieces and 24 cross pieces.Add 60 little screws and bolts,plus a package that said extra screws, and a page of picture instructions that made no sense to me. Just go for it is my preferred method. So I did. It was a challenge working as a single set of hands.   I used a chair for a prop and the wall for a brace. Now I was really in a sweat. The glow left and it was pure sweet. I then had to wiggle the mattress out of the plastic wrap and voila , I have a double bed in the guest room. When I stretch out on the bed to see how it felt, I could hear my vertebrae popping back in place. I may spend the night here. I should give it a seal of approval.

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17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

16.05 | 14:55

You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

12.05 | 20:07

Glad you didn’t kill Dixie. She loves music!