I found another piece of metal while I was clearing,this morning. I couldn't pull it free of roots and dirt, so I tried a pick ax. That didn't help either, so I will have to wait for my son to come home. to finish the unearthing. It's metal, and I think it might be part of the car that we are digging out. I am looking to find some treasure, but all I am getting is rusted metal pieces and at least one mystery piece. Dixie seldom shows her age. I actually have no clue as to how old she might be. But , when I am working outside and the sun is shinning ,she curls herself into a fur ball and lets the sun warm her. I have been putting time on my stationary bike , which is on the deck. That really confuses Dixie. She doesn't see well enough to know that I am on a bike and she tries to jump on my lap, which isn't available. I will have to put her in the pod from now on. I plotted a route to give me some significant milage. In the  car, it seems far away, in reality , it was just a  few miles. I have to put in more than a few miles to get ready for my next adventure. I have immersed  myself in You Tube videos on how ebike batteries work,how to assemble the bikes and things  a beginner should know. I can do everything vicariously. I'll be a pro when my bike finally gets here.

excitement in my exercise class! My class has a top number of 18. Usually, there are 12 of us in class. It's very democratic. We vote on everything. Do we want music. Vote. Do we want to use a chair that we can wipe down with sanitizer. Vote. We voted several months ago to only have twice vaccinated people in class and to wear face covering during exercise.All good. The Governor of Washington has mandated that face masks are to be worn in all public buildings . No problem. We have been doing that. We voted on it before he mandated it. Today, a woman came into our space,  no mask. We had no idea who she even was, or why she was in the building. Maybe she just wanted to use the bathroom.  There are signs every where saying that you must be masked to be in the building. She was asked to put on a mask. She refused, became hostile. She wanted to know who gave us the right to tell her what she could or couldn't do. So, the manager of the Community Center called the police. Then she started arguing with the police and refused to leave the building. They charged her for being in violation and I guess that she will have to go to court.. She was not intoxicated.She was not acting as if she was on drugs. I saw her car and it was really nice . She sat in her car, after she was escorted  out of the building. I heard that she was refusing to leave the parking area. Last I saw, the police were still talking to her. These PT police handle the public so professionally. I wonder who trains them. She was gone when I went back to the Center to play Mah Jong.

Almost finished with the clearing behind my pod. Now ,I am taking suggestions. One was for a hot tub. That does not excite me.Another is for container gardens. That is more in line with what I am thinking. Today, I found another piece of a car. So far, I have unearthed 2 car pieces, a section of a metal frame for a bed, several lengths of drain pipe, and today a mystery metal piece , that my son says is from a boat. I think that will be it for the salvaging . Now, it's just clearing broken limbs and twigs. I do a little every day and it is getting done. Today is family meal and it was so good to sit around the table and be with each other. Because we are starting a new year,I thought that Fortune cookies would be a good way to see what the year will bring us. As expected, we got some good laughs . If we didn't like the fortune that we got, we picked another. Sure way to having a successful year.

I thought that we were going to Sequim, but we went to Silverdale. It looked familiar and I remembered that I was there three years ago and bought a food processor and a vacuum cleaner. I have a mind for details! That's where both Target , Costco, and Goodwill are. I understand that that is where the teenie bobbers spend there Saturday's. Target shopping was to get things to have ready when my Israeli daughter comes to visit. If you are not Jewish, it may seem complicated, but she keeps Kosher, so my pots, pans,kitchen utensils are not Kosher. I bought a fry pan, pot with a cover, and a few utensils, plus some dinner ware. Whatever else she may need we can get in P.T. As long as I was there, I bought a new bike helmet. I had to get a child's size because the adults couldn't be adjusted small enough for me. i was under the impression that I had an average sized head. Maybe that is shrinking too. Costco's parking lot was so crowded, that we decided that we couldn't face going in, so we went to Goodwill. After 15 minutes, my son went to the car for a nap. My DiL and I had a great time . Then, we met a serious obstacle. There is only one way home. Every  thing here is separated  by water. The bridge, The Hood Canal Bridge, which is a floating bridge and is probably a quarter mile long ,was closed. A horrific accident. We waited several  hours while emergency vehicles went and stayed at the scene. When they did leave, they didn't have sirens or lights flashing, which to us , meant that they  were not taking the victims to a hospital . When the road did open, we saw the scene. It was not good. One vehicle had the hood in the back seat. The police had taped brown paper over the windows. We figured that they didn't want us to see inside. The second car was only slight damaged. We speculated for the next 40 minutes on what could have happened. At this point, I only wanted to get back to Dixie , who was overdo for a walk. The lesson learned: how quickly and unexpectedly your life can change, or end.

This may have been the windiest day yet. Knowing that the wind was predicted, my son took down the umbrella that fits into an opening on the outdoor table. I thought that it was snowing because pine needles and little particles from the pine trees were falling all over the place . The wind knocked some ready to be picked fruit , right off the trees. My power went out,  but it was hours before I realized this. I learned that the lights which were on during this wind were run by a battery . I didn't know that. Now I will have to learn about batteries.. My deck is strewn with leaves and needles. I was going to go to Sequim for some errands, but my DiL advised against traveling. I drive through ,usually, beautiful wooded forest type roads and she thought that there may be tree limbs down. But I was concerned about swaying on the highway. This reminds me of hurricane type weather and here, it is just considered windy. Dixie is happy. She offers no excuses as to why she is sleeping all day. Yesterday was hard for her. I took her to the Vet again. Once I used up her eye meds, the problem with her dry , infected eyes came back and the unrelated itching. So now, she has more drops, which I will have to give her for the rest of her life, and an allergy shot. She is sleeping off the trauma of the Vet. This is the kind of day that calls for a nap.I'm next.

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29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

20.07 | 13:55

Everything sounds so wonderful Leona. Venice will seem boring . I would want to move to Portownsend where the kids are living. All sounds great . Is there?

19.07 | 12:33

That lavender sounds very nice!