I found GoodWill ! There were a few things that I needed, like a pot with a lid. I found the perfect pot, but not a lid. I bought it anyway. Port Townsend was beautiful today. Sun, blue sky, temperature , moderate.The flowers here are so vivid. I have never seen orange azaleas before.And California poppies. And Peonies just about to blossom. The weather is so moderate that when you ask the locals , they tell you that it is never too cold, too warm, too wet, too dry. Perfect for growing most everything, including grapes for wine. As an aside note, I bought a quart of Jersey milk at the local grocery store. I have never seen milk labeled " Jersey milk, from Jersey cows". It looked so good in a glass bottle, with the cream on top, just like in the old days when the milk man delivered the milk to the back door of my home. And it tasted just like I thought it would. Really good. The deposit on the bottle was $1.95. The clerk said I would get that back when I returned the bottle. I guess I have to wash the bottle first.For that amount of money, someone else should wash the bottle for me. But the best part of the day was taking the remaining Grands out to lunch. I didn't  even have to talk. I just sit and bask , and eat.

Getting acclimated to a trailer takes a little doing. The flush toilet is like one on an airplane. You flush longer than  you think and that is it. What you flushed goes into a tank and after a while( not by me), it is emptied into the city sewer. I originally wanted my cabinets painted. But they are so nice in their natural light wood, that I am leaving them. The deck that my son and Grandson built is wonderful,although it has rained all day, we did enjoy it our first day here. I hear from my daughter that the shower is fantastic. I'll find out later . We turned the heat on for the first time and it seems to have created a worry for our son. So we switched to electric heat. We will save the propane for cooking. Noodle is having a rebirth here. He seems to be loving it. He has even barked a few times. Who knew he knew how to bark. As a matter of fact, he can do the step into the trailer. Now that surprised me! We went to the grocery store this morning and found that the prices are as high ,if not higher than in Venice. This afternoon we drove a Grandson to the ferry for his trip to the airport. Getting to the airport is an adventure. First an hour and a half drive  to the ferry. Then the trip by ferry to Seattle. Then a 3 block walk to the underground train, called a subway in the rest of the country,and a ride to the airport. He is now on his way to Alaska and his seasonal job in Denali. Tomorrow , my daughter leaves, but I gain a granddaughter in law.

When we brought my Grandson to the ferry, we rode over a floating bridge. It has to float because the river is so deep that they couldn't lay pilings. I also learned that the military uses this water way to get their submarines out to the Pacific. I would love to have seen that. I hear they are very big.  Really big.

Day 7 and our trip comes to an end. We did the last of the ride in a little over 3 1/2 hours. The day started with our first real rain. I was ready. I had a bright yellow slicker that I bought for rainy days in Port  Townsend. Noodle was a trooper and went commando style. Yesterday we saw a lot of old, used military vehicles on flat bed trucks, going in the other direction. There must have been a government auction and these were what people bid on and wanted. We are still trying to figure out why anyone would want a tank, but there they were, going some place. We went on Google with the question and the answer was that some men are still boys and want toys.  I want to tell you about the apple trees that we are seeing  in Washington. They are pruned to grow vertically. So they look like a flat two sided tree. The grower gets more yield in less space and they can use mechanical aids to pick the fruit. I have a feeling that this affects the taste,  but I probably don't know what an old fashion apple tastes like any more either. Wineries are big here. Everyone wants to be a grape grower and wine maker. I was a disappointment to the industry because I always ordered Classic  Coke and the rest ordered local beers. We had our special , last day on the road breakfast at Mel's Diner. A really old fashioned diner , in Tacoma, where the locals ate Sunday breakfast. I asked to meet Mel and the owner came out. His name was Fred, who bought it from Mel, and just kept the name. We were on first name basis when we left. On the road again, we saw a bald eagle and tried to see Mt. Rainer. The grey sky and clouds kept us looking but not seeing it. We did see rushing water falls all along the mountain sides. Our  temperature fluctuated between 47 and 72. I was either putting on Noodles sweater or taking off his sweater. He didn't care either way. He humors me. 

Finally we got to Port Townsend and a son, daughter in law and another Grandson, plus my trailer, were waiting for me. The kids were fine, the trailer fantastic. My grandson had unpacked what I had sent, my daughter in law made the bed and had fresh flowers waiting and my son and Grandson built a beautiful deck and got two lawn chairs,that were just waiting for me. A few hours later , another Grandson drove up. He flew in from NY and  his wife will be here Tuesday. The chef Grandson prepared wild salmon for us and washed the dishes. How special was all of this. ? Very special.

Day 6. We are trucking along in Yakama, Washington. Over 3000 miles done. Today, we voted Utah one of the more beautiful states. I so wanted a baked Idaho potato, but for some reason, we never found a road stop that had them. Noodle wasn't sedated today. He was great until very late in the day when he really needed to GO. RIGHT NOW. After he did what he had to do, I gave him a little chew that helps with anxiety. Just in case.  Today on our continuing trip across the country, we saw fields of hops,vineyards , the wine industry has really taken hold here, apple trees , it is the Apple State, with the apple as the state emblem, and potatoes , Idaho spends a lot of money telling us that the best potatoes come from Idaho. Fields of potatoes. Fields of grape vines. Fields of apple trees and more potato fields then your eye can follow.  Snake River  crossed us several times. Which made us figure out why and how it got its name. And damn, we saw a hydro dam in Washington, just over the border from Oregon. We are still gaining and losing altitude,but the altitude isn't so great now. I think we are at about 4000 ft. now. We seemed to be getting behind a lot of heavy transport trucks, all of us in a single file. No passing .If you get behind a travel trailer, it is just as bad and you are in big trouble for many miles. No matter where are , the UPS truck is there and Amazon Prime is right behind. You can't miss the brown truck or the Amazon logo. I have to mention gas. I will never complain about the cost of gas in Venice.  Here , it is $ 3.59 a gallon. I am getting fantastic milage, considering that the car is 13 years old. Cruise control is a great fuel saver. My Grandson remembered that with the seats in their proper position, we would have the wells empty. You can pack a lot of stuff in those below seat wells. That is where the electronics go and the extra snacks that we can take out when the first batch is gone. And extra jackets and my hiking boots. We have this travel down to a science.  Snacks, bottled water,pre measured dehydrated dog food for Noodle, grapes,easy peel tangerines,trail mix,cheese sticks,dried fruit and home made jerky that I made , keeps the troops full. We eat a big breakfast and then don't eat a proper meal until we check into our motel.That seems to be working for us. We have made fantastic time. We have a three hour drive tomorrow and we are then at our final destination. We are planning a celebratory dinner with 9 Uchitelle's around whatever table is large enough to have us. I can't wait.

Who knew traveling could be so much fun. Part of the fun is seeing the interaction of my travel companions . I feel really lucky that we all get along so well, enjoy each other and laugh so hard that we have to make a pit stop. Noodle isn't the only one who has to GO. RIGHT NOW.


Day 5. Where are we?  Some place in Utah. Second Grandson joined our traveling  team. We then made a three hour detour to pick up our daughter from her mountain home. Going there , we gained elevation , snow and a sign that said, " Don't be fooled. There are 7 more miles of steep roads." We went through a tunnel and crossed the Continental Divide for the first time. Near Golden Colorado we passed the Colorado School of Mining and they had the most spectacular building that I have seen . It was divided into two parts with a joining center , another whole building, made of glass that let you see right through it to the mountains. You could see this as you drove past on the highway. When I am not traveling I will look up the architect. Utah is a magnificent state. These states just get better and better. What I don't like so much is that I didn't like the twisting,sharp turns and the fact that some times we were stuck behind these tanker trucks that had trouble making it up the steep inclines . But then , my 2006 car slowed some , too. The mountains are breathe taking. Some were covered in greenery and were shaped like a pleated skirt. Some were cathedral like. You can feel the spirituality just driving between them. Some of the roads meander right between mountains on both sides of you.  Many still had a lot of snow on them. There was snow in some fields and it even snowed on us ,twice. It also rained. It also was sunny. It also was so cold that I had to put a sweater on Noodle at a rest stop. My Grandson was wearing shorts.. foolish boy. We saw sheep, goats, alpaca's ,cows, horses,prong horns,( sometimes called   antelopes) dead deer, bulls,and we think beefalo.  There were a lot of babies. The birthing cycle said it was spring and time for new babies to be born. Cattle ranching is big out here. You don't see a few cows in a field, you see hundreds of cows in a field. We  have gone about 2300  plus miles. And the drive is easy. We have been on highways 34, 191,80, 84,70 . I think that is it. Everything is well marked,the roads are good,rest stops clean and attractive. You should take a road trip.! I have been to a small number of places, Europe, Africa, some states in the US, but traveling across country ,  at ground level and  seeing how much land we have, how few people inhabit some of this vacant land ,mountains, rushing creeks, reservoirs ,rock formations that are breath taking, very small towns that  are trying to exist, makes this a reality check for me. I am one lucky dude.

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Good Morning Leona!
Your descriptions of our beautiful country are so vivid that we're all
sharing your wonderful adventure! Thanks Dude!🤗
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Isn’t Pearl Street Mall fun So full of different shops. Went to the synagogue last night.

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Good Morning Yew Tew❗️💁
Thinkinaboutcha both this morning as you head off on your
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VERY FUNNY !! Have a great trip !! May it be peaceful and very interesting and fun !!