When I woke up this morning at about 5 a.m. , I didn’t realize that I would have such an emotionally exhausting day. I started early watching the day, on my iPad. I call this a 5 tissue day .I cried a lot. Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem was wonderful. Seeing the past Presidents together was wonderful. Seeing  President Biden with a trail of Grandchildren , as he and the family made that traditional walk to the White House, was wonderful. Seeing  Vice President Harris ,proudly representing all women, was wonderful. Seeing that  skinny, black girl,Amanda Gorman,  a graduate of Harvard, raised by a single Mom,present her poem to America, was wonderful.  ( p.s. Anderson Cooper has a terrific interview with her on CNN).Actually, that shot of the Biden’s and Kamala Harris and her husband standing at the reflection pool, with the symbolic lights made me change the back ground on my iPad to that. To me ,it was like a long held breath being let out. I loved my day.

Yesterday and today are Dixie days. She is going to have to work off her Vet bill. She lost 5 lbs. in a short time and that was cause for alarm in a senior rescue that has no history. But after checking blood and poops, she got a clean bill of health... with one exception. Those blankidy blank hook worms. She came with them and after several rounds of three month medications, she still has them. I am relieved that it is her friendly hook worms and not diabetes or cancer. The hook worm is getting her nourishments instead of her, so that might be contributing to her weight loss.  She is such a good dog, except for her separation anxiety, her anxiety at going to the vet , her dislike of car travel, her hysterics on flying and  her aggressiveness to other dogs. Other wise , she is a perfect lady.

The  one hospital in town , where I was to go for my Covid vaccine is part of Dixie’s favorite walk. It’s right in my neighborhood. I walk to the hospital , with her, several times a week. Dixie loves that route. Today, to get my shot,I drove. I got lost ! I figured out what to do to get there in a car, and was directed to get my car in line with the other cars.The car line behind me was as far as I could see in my rear view window.  When it was my turn to get to the front of the line, a nurse came by, took the papers I had downloaded and filled out, took my temp.,asked what arm I wanted the shot in, gave it to me , with me still in my seat belt. I then moved where I was directed to wait 15 minutes to see if I had a reaction.  All good. I did not get lost driving home.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am not appreciative of being here with family. I understand that most of my friends are a distance from their families and miss them terribly. It’s been over a year since I saw my NY daughter and that branch of grandkids, and the same length of time since I saw my Colorado daughter. My Israeli daughter , I saw 1/ 2020. So I do know how that separation feels. But as my Port Townsend DiL says, the good that came from our sheltering together is special. I like that. After our falafel brunch / lunch , those of us playing in our un named band  practiced for our upcoming Synagogue talent show. Actually , for a first time all in practice, we sounded pretty good. After the practice, I needed a nap. That was a lot of pressure on me.

My DiL and I have been working on a hanging quilt to enter in the county fare. 2020’s fair was cancelled, so now we are still working on the quilt and hoping that there will be a 2021 fair. My DiL is the creative one with all kinds of ideas and skills. I am a devoted soldier. My contribution was the theme, some fabric and now research. We want to print on fabric using my printer. All of the information that I have researched starts out by telling me that I need an ink jet printer. I have no idea if I do, or not. I have a copier. It prints. Period. Up until now, that is all that I asked of it. I will have to ask a grandson. If it is an ink jet , we are in business. If it isn’t, we go to plan B, which we have not as yet discussed. There is always a plan B. I can’t tell you our theme. But it is great.I have to ask my DiL if I can. I will check with her. We feel pretty confident that we have the absolute best chance of getting a winning ribbon. The competition doesn’t have a chance.

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29.08 | 13:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

20.07 | 13:55

Everything sounds so wonderful Leona. Venice will seem boring . I would want to move to Portownsend where the kids are living. All sounds great . Is there?

19.07 | 12:33

That lavender sounds very nice!