I am always looking for lessons that use metaphors for life. I have a couple of ones that I mulled over while I was driving through the state of Georgia. I remembered that once I wrote that knitting was like life. The knit side ,  nice and smooth ,while the purl side is bumpy, like my life gets sometimes. Then my mind strayed , still on I- 75 South  in Georgia, I was jerked out of my thoughts by the road splitting into a bypass option around Atlanta business , or staying on 75 and just stick with the plan. I really didn't know what the better option was,  but  since I hadn't planned on having to take a bypass, I just kept going along with the other thousand of cars on the road around Atlanta.I stayed where I was. I figured that I was staying the course...just like I did in real life. Miles later, finally out of Atlanta's traffic, I moved into the fast lane to pass some trucks. I figured that sometimes you just have to go for the fast lane. Take a chance,go for it, make a  noise, get away from the crowd, pass the slow pokes up, make your move. Another metaphor  for my life.. get out and take the fast lane sometimes. After this study in  my metaphors for my life, I reviewed my  days drive. I had an experience that showed me that sometimes, plain dumb luck gets you in the right place. I was driving along on  75 South in the very right lane. There were 7 other lanes around  me. All of a sudden there were a lot of road signs on the signage above the road. All of the cars were going so fast that I couldn't read where I was supposed to be and I had no choice but to keep right and exit the highway, along with all of the cars in the two right lanes. I was sure that I was now on the wrong road. I should have been going straight, not going right onto a two lane road that just looked and felt wrong. I kept going with the flow, took a breath and  decided that I would get off at the next exit and find my way  to 75 south. All of a sudden  I saw a very small marker saying that I was on 75 south. I couldn't believe it. Now that is what is really dumb luck. I wish that I could relate this to my life.Maybe it is that sometimes what you think is a wrong turn ,turns out to be very right.

Today was all Interstate 64 . From the front seat of my 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, I saw The St. Louise arch,Bush stadium and Barnes Jewish Hospital. And a morning rush of cars. I just kept my eyes on the signs and did what they told me to do. I was lucky. I was always in the right lane to do whatever it  was. I did pass some really interesting semis. I couldn't recognize most of what they were carrying, but I did see a truck load of red fire hydrants. I took me a few minutes to figure out what all of those red things were. Then there were the half houses followed by a Pilot car. Half a house on one truck bed and the other half on the truck behind. The flat beds take up an entire lane .Line to line. The most obvious carriers on the road were: 1. UPS. One cab pulls 3 trailers. Then 2. Fed Ex. One cab pulls 2 trailers. 3. Prime. Yes! Amazon Prime trucks are everywhere. Their color is like the Tiffany Blue. You recognize it immediately. Their cab only pulls one trailer. They are probably still growing their delivery system. I ran into my second rush hour traffic-- the evening rush. Louisville, Kentucky. I had no idea that Louisville was such a busy city. The roads have not caught up to the volume of cars. It was as bad as the Dan Ryan in Chicago .I went upscale again. I did an economy motel last night and I will not do that again. My room was clean but so shabby. No coffee pot in the room, no tissue,just about nothing but the bed and bathroom. I'm back to my comforts. Fridge and micro wave in room. And coffee maker. There are just somethings that a traveler needs. Tomorrow it is I-75 all the way home. Maybe two days or three. I'll check with Noodle.

Nebraska, after my first observation from my motel, turned out to be beautiful. When I took Noodle for a walk at my motel, the smell of manurer was really strong. Why not. The motel bordered a field. Poor Noodle had to walk on stones, there was no grass. He managed but for what I paid for him at this motel, he should have had grass. But there was a magnificent sunset.It was blinding as it went down behind the corn field. My room had a picture window view of this field . That made up for the poorly designed dog walk. Today I saw a bill board for a store that carries anything that you need in camouflage. I also passed a Cabela's  main store, in Nebraska. If you have never seen a Cabela's catalogue, it has everything for a hunter, a fisherperson, a camper. One year, We surprised two of our Grandkids who were in  the car with us, driving back to Chicago from Estes Park, Colorado, by stopping at that Cabela's  . They were overwhelmed .Guns, Knives, archery, fishing equipment,tents. I still shudder at the experience. Noodle has learned that if he whimpers ,just a little, I will stop at a rest stop. I don't mind because it is a good reminder for me to take a break.  He just likes his new adventures. I did see one accident. I couldn't figure out which way the car had been going, but I don't think it was a fatal accident. That does give the rest of us a wake up call. I had a little challenge going from one Interstate to another Interstate to  another Interstate. But I did it. That really gives me confidence since I have such a poor track record with directions .  I just slowed down, read the road signs and did what I had to do to get over 5 lanes of traffic for a left entrance to I -70. Now we are tucked in for the night. The only place around that delivers is a Pizza place that I don't agree with politically or otherwise, so I am eating mini bell peppers, humus and Ritz crackers that I have in the car. It could be worse.I think that I am on Central time now. What ever that is.

I crossed the  continental Divide twice today. I don't know how that is possible , but I saw the sign in two different places, a distance from each other. It did say that I was at 7,000 ft. There were two more signs worth noting. One huge billboard, as we are all going 80 miles an hour or faster, said"YOU ARE  GOING TO DIE. YOU WILL MEET GOD". I thought that was a poor suggestion at the speed everyone was going. Then still in Wyoming, where the trucks pull in to be weighed, there was a sign saying that all  boats, including  kayaks and canoes have to go through the weigh station. I didn't know Wyoming had that much water or a boat problem. At a rest stop , I saw a car with a Michigan licenses plate. The woman from the car came over to say how nice it was to see a single woman taking such a long drive. Turns out she is from Fremont , Michigan , the town next to our old cottage . We did't know the same people, but it was a fun conversation. Nebraska seems dull after going through the forests and hills of Wyoming. Wyoming is cowboy and Nebraska is farmers. I will be going South soon. I expect more traffic and a slower drive because  of it. I would be the only car on the road for miles. I would see trains that seemed to stretch for miles. There would be three engines pulling and two engines at the back pushing. I wonder what was in those cars. I did pass some place that looked like something from outer space. Envision silver spark plugs three stories high , spread out over a large area. I learned that that was the Sinclair Petroleum plant. I was only impressed by the shiny structures, not the product. I played who goes first with a few cars. We took turns passing each other and falling into a line. Amusing for a few hours. Noodle is still with me and become very comfortable traveling. He seems to like the pattern of rest stops, water , treat, sleep. When we left Wyoming this morning it was 41 degrees. When we stopped at our motel in Ogallala, ( don't you love that name)Nebraska , it was 87.  We  both  have to acclimate again.

Just a couple of things. 1. My cell phone carrier does not work in Wyoming. 2. Starbucks are far and few  between . Like  a couple hundred miles between. 3. in Wyoming, you have to be pulling something behind your car. It can be a horse trailer, or some bikes, a boat. If you have a RV, then you need to pull a Jeep Wrangler or a Road Ranger and the car has to match the RV. 4. The road signs are great. The signs for today are: 

"Drowsy drivers pull off here. 

Deer migration. 

Safety Corridor

Solar glare

Storm Dust Area".

I haven't figured out the safety corridor. It did not seem particularly safe at 80 mph. Solar glare, I experienced. As I went around a sharp curve at 40 mph there were hundreds of solar panels that reflected the early morning sun. That was the glare.

I am having a difficult time describing these hills.  At one point I had to sing "god bless America" And " America theBeautiful" . That is what this view does to you. I even shed a tear, but that might have been because I was thinking how much Bob would have loved this drive and his birthday is coming up. I was driving in a bowl. I could see hills all around me. Occasionally, the road worked its way to a rim and I got a glimpse of sheer rock, green trees and pools of water. I think I saw that I was above 5,000 feet. The outside temperature was about 61-63. The rocks were mostly on my left ,while miles of farm land was to the right until it met a mountain.  The farmers , I read, have planted their winter wheat . I saw acres of green that looked like someone just painted everything green. That is how fresh the fields looked. Some rock formations looked like they were just plopped there. Like when a kid drops wet sand  in blobs.  I saw two lone standing formations, nothing growing around them, no other stones. I know that a thousand years ago a river washed between these rocks and that was what was left. Then there was a greenish cast to an area.  Maybe copper was in the soil? Now I am in an area that looks like the blobs of stones have been bleached. They are not red like the sand stone formations that I saw, or the brown formations, but a washed out grayish white. And they are flatter. More like the shape of piles of hay before they started forming them into bales. I didn't stop where I had planned because it looked creepy. Green Rivers. I drove another 12 miles to a town that had better vibes for me. There is even a Starbucks across the highway from my Holiday Inn. Now, if I can figure out how to cross the highway , I will be just fine. 



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