I now have both a memory foam mattress and the bed frame. The mattress , I may have said, came in a box as tall as I am. Maybe as wide. Getting the mattress out of the box was a struggle. I had to cut the  box off. I wasn’t strong  enough to pull it  out as was suggested in the instructions. Once out of the box, it took several sighs of air and puffed right up. It was like when you use packing cubes when you are packing a suitcase. Today the bed arrived. In a box, a very sturdy box. This box came to my chin. I wrestled it down my hallway and into the guest bedroom. I was already glowing. I don’t sweat. I glow. The box was packed to perfection.Every single  item was packed with precision.I have always been fascinated with the design of boxes. In the box, I had 7 larger pieces that comprised the head, foot and 3 support  pieces and 24 cross pieces.Add 60 little screws and bolts,plus a package that said extra screws, and a page of picture instructions that made no sense to me. Just go for it is my preferred method. So I did. It was a challenge working as a single set of hands.   I used a chair for a prop and the wall for a brace. Now I was really in a sweat. The glow left and it was pure sweet. I then had to wiggle the mattress out of the plastic wrap and voila , I have a double bed in the guest room. When I stretch out on the bed to see how it felt, I could hear my vertebrae popping back in place. I may spend the night here. I should give it a seal of approval.

I hear a lot of people complaining   that they are feeling rudderless, unfocused, searching for words, just a general malaise.Even their pets are feeling the pressure of having their humans underfoot all day. i have had some of those feelings. I can’t seem to read a book. Working on a puzzle got me  as far as dividing the pieces into color blocks. Even cook books don’t appeal to me.Maybe that is why I gave bags of them away. But I feel good. I am not stressed from being mostly alone for so many days. The day goes by quickly. I have to check my little travel clock to know what time it is. I haven’t worn a watch since Feb. 22. I thought about getting a Smart Watch. After some thoughtful moments , I concluded that I hardly ever wear a watch so why spend that money to keep it in a drawer. Instead, I bought a mahogany ukulele called a pineapple ukulele. It is actually  shaped more like a pineapple than the hip shape of a traditional ukulele.  The top has ridges like the leaves of a fresh pineapple. Pretty cool. I bought a lot  of stuff these last  4 plus months , from Amazon. That was my secret  to looking forward to every day. Nothing was expensive. , Today, I received one of my last orders from Amazon. A memory foam mattress and tomorrow I get the bed frame. So far I have bought 2 toilet seats, the mattress and the soon to be delivered bed frame, a Sherpa travel case , on wheels, for Dixie,a ukulele music book,some pistachio nuts, and fruit tea. Everything was a must need. The last thing that I am waiting on is a duffel bag to take with me to Port Townsend. As soon as I am near to my kids and grandkids, I won’t need to look for love from Amazon. Love will be all around me.

Week four for Dixie Cup. I like to keep track of her change of personality. Like a new parent  . She is a perfect companion during a pandemic. You can’t tell that she suffers with separation anxiety, because I don’t go anywhere without her.  She loves the car. I have this wonderful safety seat for her that a special friend gave me for Noodle. Noodle, really was not a happy camper in the car. The only reason he was so good on the drive ,round trip to Washington ,is because in the beginning of the trip, I sedated him. After the first days drive , he didn’t fight it and we had no problems. This little Dixie girl jumps in the seat, and looks for the excitement to begin.Sorta like me. I have found her perfect diet. She is pooping regularly. I don’t know why I am so hung up on that, but it is for her own good. She can tolerate raw beef patties and fermented goat’s milk. Her coat is growing in , in increments. I can’t wait to see if a longer coat makes identifying her breed easier.Maybe her hair won’t grow any longer.I am just hoping that mine does. Especially where the clippers skipped a beat or three. .I took her with me ,of course, when I bought my new ukulele. She walked into the store like she owned it, turned around twice and went to sleep. Now this is a dog that is welcomed anywhere.

The NYT on the front pages of the Sunday edition, posted 1000 names of people who died of the coronavirus. Six columns across. I don’t know the type set, but it is dramatic. People with names. Not  just a catalog number on a CDC report. A name to read , for those who say that a death of a few people  isn’t that important. They were going to die anyway. To read,  for those who say that this virus  isn’t that serious, and it will magically go away. Like when it gets hot. It is in the 80’s in Florida, and the virus is still here. To read, for those birthers who say that the numbers are false news.That  the numbers were inflated to keep businesses from reopening. That the numbers are being inflated to make T look bad with national elections looming and unemployment staggering. I have my own game plan. I feel for the families who had this loss. I feel bad because the person who died wasn’t important to the people who are supposed to be leading us, President, Governors, congress , Mayors.You know who those people are. They are  protecting their stocks and sharing with their buddies. Not with you. I feel bad because some of the people on the list were old, or too young. I feel bad because many on the list were not my color. I feel bad because they didn’t know that they would die. They got sick, they died. No time to say good bye. How does this happen in a country like ours. I feel bad because I can only hope that their last minutes were with someone who loved them, or at least cared.And now my true feelings about this. The people without masks , in my heart,  I hate them. I wear this mask every time I go out, even to walk the dog across the street and back. Is it uncomfortable. No. Is it a bother to put on. No. You can even train a 85 year old person new ways. Does the mask protect me. No, it protects that stupid jerk who isn’t helping to protect me. I look at the dumb wit and I think .” are you a Republican.? Do you support that man who has no real interest in your well being. You think he represents what you are? You will never be what he is or what he has.And you shouldn’t want to. He has money and power. You have little of either. Do you still think that he is like you and he is telling you what is really true. “ Maybe, I do have to admit that he is like you. Stupid,conniving, self absorbed, morally corrupt ,heartless,morbidly fat,can’t read a monitor without faltering, encouraging you to try a drug that is appropriate for Lupus and malaria , not Covid 19. But wait , there is more.  He is paranoid. ( that means that he thinks someone is out to get him) He is insecure , he is a  bluff, he is  a bully who has to strike  first, so you don’t hurt him.Notice  how he hugs himself when his judgement is questioned. A sure sign of someone who is insecure . He wraps his arms around himself to protect himself., and then lashes out. What he is saying is, “ don’t hurt me, I am just stupid, I want to feel important. “.But wait again. There is still more. Did you try Bleach or Lysol.He said how could it hurt to try it. . Go ahead give it a try. What do you have to lose.Your life. Your life is not that  important to me. Maybe  your family can read your name in your local paper death column. Joe  Dump, age 45. Known to his friends for standing on the capitol stairs, wearing full battle  garb , sans masks( that means , no mask) defending his right to go into a crowd  of people who are also sans masks.( that means they had no masks on , either.   And because masks are to protect the other person, and since Joe Dump didn’t care about other people , he seems to have been that other person.He left a unemployed wife, a daughter who thought that she was going to college in the fall and a son with an opioid  solution. ( Correction..problem).His parent’s predeceased  him in death from the coronavirus that was transferred from him. Funeral services were attended by Zoom.Looser boy.

I use to be pretty organized. I was not on time. I was early for appointments and social gatherings. I use to know what the date was of the present day.  I use to change my outfits every day.  Now ,everything has changed and I don’t really know how to explain it. The date still changes every day. Since I don’t have a reason to know the date, I go by what special interest section is in the paper that  day. style is Thursday. Food is Wednesday. science is Tuesday, Sports Monday. Bad news is every day. I am thinking of ending my subscription, but then I would have no chance of knowing the date. When I write a dheck, which doesn’t happen often, I just put any date that sounds right. So far they have all cleared. Today, I had an 11 o’clock appointment. At 11:20 , I got a call asking if I was OK because I was late. I felt terrible.  I rescheduled and got there 30  minutes early, just to make sure. I lost something in the house that is always put away in the same place. I found it when I went to look for something else. It was in a sensible place, just not where it lived, usually. Is this phenomena because my brain is on overload from too much social separation, too much Zooming,  too much NetFlix,too much ordering on Amazon, too much ,much. Did I say that I ordered a frame and memory foam mattress from Amazon! I scan the Covid19 numbers, I check ours and Port Townsend. They have 0 new cases. we had 15. I read the valid scientific reports of what  is new,different, challenging and safe for me to do. No wonder my brain is fatigued . I need to do what one of my daughters is doing. No matter what, only one hour of news a day is allowed. What will I do with the other 23 .


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Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

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You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan

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Glad you didn’t kill Dixie. She loves music!