Just another grey day with spitz. That means it isn't raining and it isn't mist. It's spitzing. I think that Noodle likes it this way. His hair is so thick and long that he looks like a sheep dog with 2 inch legs. He and I both need hair cuts. He has an appointment. I am still unsure where to go.Today , we went to The Old Alcohol Plant, which is a hotel now. The original alcohol plant was started by Ansel Adams grandfather and was in the family for several generations. Ansel's family got little of the inheritance, but they did try to restore some the property. Nothing much worked and I guess finally the property was sold , as a hotel.It was no longer in  the family. Last year, I saw some of Ansel's photo's on display and the blurb on Google led me to believe that the photos were still there on display. So we made a pilgrimage to see Ansel's photo. There were some signed posters in the lobby, but no more of the original  photo's. It was interesting to talk to the manager about the hotels history and learn that Michael Adam's , a brother of Ansel, will be there in September at a gathering. I think that I will miss it. We also visited the local library which was a Carnegie library. I had nit visited the original Carnegie section before and it is so beautiful and old fashioned. No talking, dark wood and it smells like books. When we went into the addition, which is where I go for my books, there on display of a recommended book, was a book by Jami Attenberg, "The Middlestein's ". Small world.

I guess that it is still current enough with me that I do notice the look,the walk,the silence at the table. I was having brunch at a local restaurant when a couple came in. She looked strong. He was feeble. He needed help and direction to sit at a table. She went back outside, probably to the car, and came back with a bib. I wondered why she even went out to a restaurant with him. He was no longer a companion. I could watch them while I ate. They did not speak to each other. She sat and looked stoic and resigned, not angry . I could see that he could eat without help. I assume the outing was for him. I thought about treating them to breakfast. Having the wait person say that some one had passed it forward and sent a message," stay strong". But I didn't. I feel guilty now that I didn't. Her face is etched in my brain. I should have done what my heart told me to do. Maybe she would have smiled and I would not have cried.

My friend and I tried to go to a point where we could see the peaks of the Olympic mountains. We got as close as Port San Angeles , but the mist and clouds on the mountain made us reconsider, so we did lunch instead and drove almost  100 miles round trip in beautiful country side. The name of the road we were to take is called" Hurricane Trail". Not a good omen. The last 18 miles, I am told is of switch backs, not my favorite form of driving. But the day was full and it ended at my cabin with the kids coming for dinner.That is always a treat... for all of us. We tallied up the years we have known each other and it added up to 30. Hard to believe. Can this be true. Seems like just the other day we were entering races together... and then pigging out. We still do the piggie thing.

This was an exploring day. We hiked around Fort Worden, saw some bunkers built for the First World War. Port Townsend wanted to be prepared for attack. I was under the mistaken thought that the bunkers were built for the WW11. They really knew how to build cement bunkers back in the day. And Fort Worden still has the Officer quarters and enlisted men's barracks still usable. The state took over the park years ago and it is a thriving arts and crafts and camping facility. They will soon be offering a course in log house building..no nails. I just missed the wooden boat classes. Dang. The instructors are master craftsmen and the people who take these courses are dedicated to learning new skills.  Our weather is wonderful. So many days in a row for this weather is special. My son threw out clover and common vetch seed over the grass and clover that we wacked down. Now we will have to water. Who knew that we would hit a patch of dry weather just when we could use some rain to get the seeds germinated. I guess that it is true that life is like a box of chocolates. And I have some Hershey's kisses in the freezer for just such an occasion.

I have a visitor. My first friend to visit is a long time running buddy. Between the running and Saturday morning runs , followed by gigantic breakfasts, we have had a few trips together. It's so nice to have someone visit  and just pick up where we left off, a couple of years ago. my bathroom project is almost done. I taped and primed the "other " wall. This was just about as awkward to manipulate . I didn't want to stand on the toilet to reach the top of the wall and putting in a ladder was a little dicey. As much as can be light weight in a trailer is. That is to lesson the weight as you pull it behind your vehicle . That makes walls just as thin as is legal, and as much as can be plastic , will be. The toilet for instance. Hence, I didn't want to stand on it while painting. It worked out and I even got an" it looks OK" from my son. High praise.

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06.06 | 13:55

🌞👋😊. Hope you get it Leona. I can see you moving there,you would be happy and content with your son 😊. At some point when your both ready.

19.05 | 10:55

Good Morning Leona!
Your descriptions of our beautiful country are so vivid that we're all
sharing your wonderful adventure! Thanks Dude!🤗
Love from 724

18.05 | 07:58

Isn’t Pearl Street Mall fun So full of different shops. Went to the synagogue last night.

13.05 | 07:45

Good Morning Yew Tew❗️💁
Thinkinaboutcha both this morning as you head off on your
exciting adventure❗️🤗❤️❤️ God Bless❗️
Much Love, Kate