My daughter in law is trying to arrange a camping trip for me. So far , my option is to camp in our yard. After giving this some thought, I decided that I really didn’t want this. Right now, it is wet and on the chilly side,like low 50’s, so a warm trailer sounds more my style. I do appreciate the thought,but maybe not until it gets warmer. And there is always Dixie Cup. I don’t think she has the stuff of a camper. I am on a banana bread kick. I batched cooked two today. The produce man when I told him I needed very ripe bananas gave me his recipe. He puts dates in his. So I bought some dates. Instead of raisins. i kept one loaf and split the other one between my Grandson and my son.Dixie has a vet appointment for her eye drops . I want the Vet to have a record for her so that when I ask for something to completely knock her out for our return to Florida, they’ll know her. I never want to spend 6 hours with a screaming dog ,confined to a small crate on a airplane , and not being able to take her out. Poor baby.Poor me. forget the other passengers.Aug. 7

It was a beautiful fall day here, except that it is summer. I looked for leaves turning, but not yet.My garden really looks good. I need more grass seed. My plan is to grow grass on  both sides of a foot path that leads to my sons work shop and studio. So far I  have done one side. When I go to pick up the groceries that I ordered, I will get more seed.First I bought a pound bag. Then another pound bag. Then a 2 pound bag. I should have bought the super sized one and be done with it.Why is the abbreviation for pound, lb.? One of my plants is being attacked by slugs. The slugs that I have seen are the size of a small banana.I think  that they are actually called banana slugs. They are disgusting. I heard that if you put out beer in a saucer, they are attracted  to that . My daughter in law swears that she saw a bunch of slugs in a saucer of beer, left them to go out and when she came back, they were gone. She figures that they were just sleeping off a drunken  binge, woke up and crawled away. I am not sure what the moral of this story is. Wonder what brand they like?

I had my appointment with the audiologist and no surprise, I have a profound hearing loss.When my daughter in law asked me what was for dessert and I answered something like “ the rain in Spain,,etc”, and they laughed, I knew what was coming. Now I have to decide what path to take. Do I want to be vain and get a model that you can’t see and cost big bucks, or do I want to be practical and get some that fit behind the ear, like I have now. . I think I’ll go for vain. Why not. I’ve been wanting to send pictures of my plantings  but I only know how to do one picture at a time. I need to ask my Grandson to show me how to do multiple ones.I bribed him with banana bread that I made today. How can he not.My Israeli daughter reminded me that in 3 weeks, it will be 6 months of this Covid 19 nonsense. Enough already. As for being a small world, the audiologist here in Port Townsend, a town of 9000 residents, is from Jacksonville, Florida. Not wanting to discuss politics with a stranger, I said what I thought of the Governor. He said”Tell me about it”, which I take means that he is on the same page with me. He is encouraging his parents to come here. I’d rather they stayed in Florida, but I couldn’t say that. I just learned that a couple that are members of my Florida congregation moved about 45 miles from me. The world is truly getting smaller.

It’s nice to see the little birds enjoying the grass seed that I spent hours sowing. It’s not that simple to throw out grass seed. I had to rake to rough up the area. Then I sowed, then sprinkled good dirt, as opposed to bad dirt. Good dirt is what I had to buy at the garden shop, organic dirt. Like what dirt isn’t organic. Then some compost and water, water, water. The birds love what I did for them. They are smart little guys. They come by after the sun has gone down  and when it is cooler. Right now, they are in bird heaven. I’m glad that I bought the larger size bag of seed.

I haven’t moved the car in 3 days.I am not even tempted to go any where. If this was a year ago, I would be worried about this behavior. i would be wondering if I were depressed. But now, it feels normal. i haven’t run out of things to do. I found a little library oasis down the road. Some kind person put up a glass inclosed case with books to be taken , or a book to be donated. I saw this in Israel ,where these neighborhood book kiosks , had books to take. Many of the books were in English, a few in French  or Hebrew. I love this idea. The person down the road even put a bench next to the book stand. Instead  of bringing the books I bought at Good will back, I will put a few in the neighborhood kiosk. While I was walking Dixie Cup, I looked down the road into a yard and saw a giant giraffe , like Ella Faye, our elephant. I don’t understand why I didn’t see it before. Now that I know it is there, I spot it every walk.Is this a new trend.

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31.07 | 07:02

Leona, do you have a date or a booked flight that you come back ?

20.07 | 13:55

Everything sounds so wonderful Leona. Venice will seem boring . I would want to move to Portownsend where the kids are living. All sounds great . Is there?

19.07 | 12:33

That lavender sounds very nice!

14.07 | 13:52

Did Aron allow you to ride in the car with him?