Finally. It is summer in Port  Townsend,but with an ocean breeze. I know that this will be strange to some,  but in the yard, under a green leafy tree is a molded golden elephant. Her name is Ella-Fay. My daughter in law, saw her on the roof of a an abandoned two story building. She followed the notice posted on the door and asked if she could have the elephant.Not only could she have the elephant, but the real estate agent said that he would get it down for her She rented a trailer and now they have a golden elephant in the yard. To get back to me, I have decided to devote my summer to the elephant. I am going to do some plantings around her base, bring some color to her  life. I have visions of India, where the elephants wear garlands of flowers.. She’s too tall for  me to do that, but I thought some of the plantings of colorful  flowers would be nice. She is looking happier already.

I don’t like weeks that have more than one Sunday. This July 4th week end can’t decide how many Sunday’s it has. Friday felt like a Saturday, Saturday like a Sunday and now it is Sunday and now it really is Sunday, all day. A neighbor invited all of us over to play croquet. They asked me last year, and that was the only time that I  played, following the rules, There are a lot of rules. Did you know that after your go through all of the stakes, the first one who did that is now the stinger. You play again and the stinger can hit your ball, and you are out of the game. I was the second to last victim. It was a fluke that I lasted that long. Dixie Cup came along to the game and she is so attached to me that I had to be particularly careful when it was my turn. When I sat down on the grass waiting for my turn, she sat down. When it was my turn to play, there she was, right there. She was exhausted  by the time we finished.  Did I say that the sun has finally come out to play. Must be because it is Sun day.

We are finally getting the hang of having Shabbat dinner together. Tonight , it actually stopped raining in time for my son  to build a fire. We set up 3 tables around the fire pit and we had our dinner , each family group at their own table. Each week, my Challah gets better. I’d like to have a mixer to knead the dough, but even with hand kneading ,it gets done.When I start going to Goodwill again, I’ll look for one. I took Dixie with me to the garden shop. She was happy to wait in the car for me. That is an advantage with this cool weather. A dog can be left in a car without any heat  issues. I have been wearing my fleece pants every day. I ordered another pair from Amazon. I ‘ve never worn one pair of pants so many days in a row before. As soon as my new pair comes, these go in the wash. In Dixie’s other life, she must have been accustomed to wearing outfits.because when I put her sweater on in the early  morning, she lifts one leg, then the other. Good girl , Dixie. 

I have to sit on the bed to put one leg then  the other leg in my pant legs. Good girl.

I’ve had Dixie Cup two months, It seems as if she has always been with me. Except that she never wants to let me out of her sight,she is a great companion.  She is sociable.She just snuggles down when I bring her any place. She is very  house broken. In fact,  I don’t know how this little body of hers can not have to go out from about 8 Pm to 6am.She has been known to scold me when I have left her alone. She talks and yaps at me. I thought that she didn’t know  any tricks, but I may be wrong. My son gets her to sit. I tried it and she just looks at me. She is a feisty   little thing. Maybe all small dogs have this complex. She isn’t a dog dog. She prefers  the person at the other end of the leash. I notice that since I walk her on public trails, she tenses up when someone walks toward us. I really think she is trying to be my protector. She’s kissed me once. Now that I saw her bring me a dead mouse, I won’t be asking her for any more. I think I’ll keep her.

You know how instructions always start out with... make sure the appliance is plugged in. The same can be said of cell phones. It was charged  but it didn’t ring. I was missing calls. A message would say that I got a  call, and even though I was right there with my cell, I didn’t hear it ring. I hate to say this ,but it took two of us a better part of a half hour working on the silent phone ,trying to fix what was wrong ,when we finally turned to Google. Dr. Google said that the first thing to do was to check if the ring was in silence mode. . Duhhhhh. I bet I did that accidentally . I was trying to get it out of its fancy protective case   because I thought it made it hard for me to get to the call. I had to struggle to get the case off and I am sure now , that I must have pushed the silence tab , that I should have left alone. It’s all fixed now and maybe next time I will check the silence ringer when I don’t get any phone calls.

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07.06 | 18:48

Have a wonderful time Leona.

17.05 | 09:52

Leona, continued, you have a way with words so just write. No judgement ! ! You are blessed with the ability and gift to write,

17.05 | 09:49

Leona, write about your experience in Israel with the virus and your flight home. Would all be different for us and very interesting. You have such a way with

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You are quite the writer...you are done for May 27! Relax!
We did get a good response! Susan